A New Progressive Era

BERLIN — 3 July 2017


The progressive governance network brings together centre-left heads of state, governments, politicians and intellectuals from across the world to address key challenges in a globalised world.

While the challenges facing progressives in today’s interdependent world are immense, so are the possibilities for change. Globalisation has led to unprecedented opportunities but its benefits have not reached many and inequalities have increased. The recent financial crisis called into question the neo-liberal consensus that dominated the global political economy since the 1980’s and the time is ripe for a paradigm shift to a more sustainable and inclusive system. At the same time, there are no easy answers for how this transition would be achievable and progressives face political difficulties in many parts of the world.

Through our programme of activities, we aim to:
  • Exchange policy lessons,  ideas, experiences and challenges amongst an international network of progressives in order to learn from each other
  • Harness the forces of globalisation to provide more inclusive prosperity
  • Rethink the relationship between the state, market and citizens, with a role for state policies, market forces and grassroots-level activism in achieving key goals
  • Promote social justice along with economic growth and prosperity
  • Seek greater equity, at both the national and international level