A New Progressive Era

BERLIN — 3 July 2017

Message from the hosts

27th June 2017

Dear friends,

We are living in a time of great upheaval. The values and institutions which have formed the foundation of our open societies and have so far been taken for granted are now being called into question. Indeed, in some places, they already seem to be beginning to waver.

New forms of nationalism and authoritarianism are presenting a challenge to democracy and are standing in the way of European and international cooperation for peace and the political management of globalisation. Global imbalances have intensified in the wake of the economic and financial crisis. The digital revolution is triggering changes in our societies, both in the way we interact politically and socially and, indeed, in our perception of ourselves as individuals. The opportunities and risks harboured by these changes are nigh on impossible to assess – let alone craft a coherent political response to.

Progressives are convinced that in times such as these, when fundamental questions are being raised about the future of our societies, a narrow-minded approach to politics is out of place. Only through wide-ranging debates, exchanging ideas and opinions, and interacting with scientific and social research can fresh impetus be generated to take us beyond the current impasse of political debate.

With that in mind, we are delighted and honoured to welcome you to Berlin at this year´s Progressive Governance Symposium (#PGS17) on 3 July 2017 with the title “Politics for a new progressive era in Europe & the world. Re-thinking liberal democracy and fulfilling the centre-left promise of prosperity and social justice”.

The aim of this exclusive half-day summit is to create an original space for open debate and frank discussions on some of the key economic and political trends and challenges of our time ‒ and to identify how progressives can navigate them in their quest to reclaim thought leadership. Two pressing issues will be at the centre of the discussion: first, how can we strengthen social justice and inclusive growth in our transforming economies? Second, what is the secret to making Europe and its democracies fit for the future?

This international symposium of progressive forces brings together a substantial number of high ranking as well as next generation thinkers and scholars, influential policy-makers, government and party leaders from Germany, Europe and around the world. The conference is hosted by the Das Progressive Zentrum (Germany), Policy Network (UK) and the Party of European Socialists in cooperation with the Center for American Progress (USA), VOLTA (Italy), Terra Nova and Les Gracques (France).

Together, with inspiring people from all over the place we shall meet the spring of progressive opportunities. A very warm welcome!